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Retina display per iPad 3, risoluzione 2048 x 1536

According to various rumors and mainly based on the statements of Richard Shim (DisplaySearch), the leading provider of display and LG, Samsung and Sharp would started production of Retinal Display for iPad3 with twice the resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels. The screen will appear the same size as the iPad, 10-inch LCD (not AMOLED) with aspect ratio of 4:3.
Apple could  start the commercialization of iPad 3 new generation in the first quarter of , 2012.

We usually advise designers to create graphics for applications with very high resolution so its can, in future, be easily adapted to all IOS devices. For example, if the design of an icon or a splash page, what I continue to report to the graphics is that developers should never from low-resolution icons, which may be grainy on devices with higher resolution.
Experience teaches us about Apple aims high-quality graphics and is therefore expected that in future models screens are installed at more high density of pixels (dpi). But often the graphics and agencies prefer not to hand over files with these features in order to minimize the workload, a practice that will never be in line with the philosophy of i3Factory whose guidelines on the development are always trying to predict the next market moves.

As we know the images used for applications for the Apple devices are distinguished by a convention on the same file names of images, which provides that all images intended for Retinal Display your name must end with the characters @2x.
This agreement indicates just an image file to double the resolution, which in the case dell’iPhone4 is 960 x 640 pixels, while in the case of the iPad3 will be 2048 x 1536 pixels.
We note, for example, the file “image.png” iPad will have a canvas in any size 1024 x 768 pixels while the same file for retina display “image@2x.png”, for iPad 3 will have a canvas of resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels.


Taking up an article of melabog they discover that among the files of the new app iBooks  2 (Presented during the Apple event on January 19, 2012) have been found some graphics designed for a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, as in the previous version of iBooks .

One of the reasons why some were already long on the production of a device with iPad Retinal Display it was the discovery of these high-resolution images already in the first version of iBooks, and also the same as Apple recommends developers to work with images high resolution, we can be sure that the following images unearthed by melabog in iBooks 2 as a confirmation of the presence of Retinal Display for iPad-3.


Dear Publishers,

finally we made a system that allows you to publish magazines, books, newspapers,catalogs or any publication at no cost to each new issue or for every new player.

We cater to small publisher as the major publishing house, after having tested our prototypes, and after more than one year of development, i3Factory® is pleased to introduce a software system that allows you to publish your own issues without expensive investments on the App Store .

Through Apple’s App Store, Android Market or Amazon App Store,  your audience market will become the world’s online market, then the possibility of reaching readers around the world.

The costs of printing paper are more and more high and not allow the publisher of large print runs, and then plan to reach a geographically more wide.

With our publishing system, the costs of printing are canceled; readers browse your publication on the iPad tablet (and iPhone) and the cost for new publications will be always null.

We note that the experience of reading a magazine on the iPad and far more satisfactory experience of reading the same publication on paper.



  1. Your Own Universal Application will be published on Apple® App Store;
  2. Unlimited publications from PDF files;
  3. No infrastructures costs: Host the publications on your own Internet or Intranet servers. Have 100% control and autonomy on your content;
  4. Offer your readers & audience the best mobile/tablet browsing experience with high definition texts and images, Videos and so much more;
  5. Wide audience: you pubblications will be ready Wold Wide;
Magazine using i3Factory editorial




  • Economy of Scale: Buy one time license and create as many mobile publications as you wish in a just few clicks!
  • Earnings:Editors can offer prublication for free or not free.
  • Easy-to-use: Easily publish your magazione or publications from your  PDFs. i3Factory Editorial® technology automatically exports your links and your bookmarks from your PDF to your iPad & iPhone App.
  • Mobility: Consult your  publications offline , once downloaded the publication will be avaiable for  read it without you need any tipe of online connections.
  • Fast Download: all operation works on wifi or 3G data connections, Give your audience a great experience; with an internet connection the pages are immediately available as you flip through the document.
  • Sustainable Development: Go green. With i3Factory Editorial® all your publications have a positive carbon balance sheet. Help preserve our environment, save paper, reduce printing, save the trees and help decrease green house gases!
  • Personalization: Create your “Own Graphic interface” for your readers and a table of content for quick navigation.
  • Security: Host your publications on your own Internet or Intranet servers. Stay in full control of your interactive publications and your content (archives, subscription, sales campaign …).
  • Multimedia Content: Add clickable zones (go to page or links to websites) inside your interactive publication and/or PDF , HTML5. Engage readers withInteractivity & Videos from inside the pages of your publication.
  • Performance: You can find what you want in the blink of an eye.
  • Technology: i3Factory is a certified Application Factory. We are up to date with the latest technological developments, hence allowing us to provide you with the most high-performing tool on the market today.

    Be on the cutting edge of technology!


Obviously prices will vary with respect to the need of the publisher, which normally requires some “customization”.

The starting price for our solution starts from 900 euros for small publishers, a solution that contains all the features necessary for most small-medium-sized publishers that starts from 1500 euros up to a maximum of € 5000 for medium and big publishers.

More Information on packages you can find on this editorial on this page:

New editorial system for iPad, iPhone & Android

or  direct on  i3F Editorial web site (http://i3factory.com/editorial)


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