Our philosophy:

I3FACTORY believes that an app “directory” or “reference” or “guide” should first and foremost to leverage as much as possible on the potential of the devices.

The app, developed with programming languages and native mode for each device type, is expressly excludes the production of the Framework app using generic or automated systems for creating apps, and on different platforms.

Produce Apps I3Factory fne no shortcuts to avoid problems of performance and scalability of the interface and code.

Usually we try to analyze what the customer data at its disposal, the presence of verifcare webservices and then “cut” the app to measure these data, but without appearing like a website.

For us, the speed of navigation, the responsiveness of the interface and the ability to access data even under suboptimal internet and in the absence of signal, are given priority.

In an effort to avoid unnecessary traffco network, especially if the device is used undercover cellulare/3G, we design the app to prevent the transfer of large amounts of data.

We therefore prefer to reduce to less than 2 seconds load time data.

Note: It ‘was proved by surveys that the average user of the iPhone do not intend to wait for data if the waiting time is over 2/3 seconds).

The experience of “surfing” on touch devices, especially for the tablet, must not be strictly hierarchical but must provide the user with a more direct approach to what is being sought, if the app will have to provide a possible solution before that the user goes to find it themselves alone.

For example, if we have a list of addresses and structures, we present now a georeferenced map, because it is likely that the user wants to find one nearby.

We highlight the media, since a good photographer or a short video are by far the