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I3Factory World LLc published two new tuner applications:

Guitar Tuner I3F World Professional : 1,59 € , iPhone e iPad
Tune your guitar using the Pro version of the i3F World Guitar Tuner!
This app is based on the FFT algorithm to detect your guitar strings sound pitch.
How to tune a guitar using Guitar Tuner I3F World Professional:

1. select the tuning from the exhaustive list of 6-string tunings available in the app
2. select the note/string you want to play
3. play the note
4. check the instrument: it will show with a needle the tuning status (tuned, sharp, flat)
5. use the string tuning peg to adjust and play again

Other than the needle information, the app provides you the target frequency, the detected frequency and the distance in cents.

Note that the needle will start moving after 1 second in order to have an initial good accuracy.

Use the sensitivity knob to change the instrument sensitivity. We recommend to start with a -70 dB setting and then play with it according to the loudness of the environment. In a quiet environment we recommend using low sensitivity values.

Finally for some frequencies it is recommended to plug an external microphone in order to improve the signal detection.



Guitar Tuner I3F World : 0,79 €, iPhone

Guitar Tuner i3Factory World, is a cool interactive App for tuning a guitar by the i3F algorithm .

This app use the Fourier algorithm to calculate the fundamental frequency of a captured audio sound. Also, we apply the algorithm to analyze live sound to build this guitar tuner.

The App use the internal microphone and you’re playing a guitar or bass guitar, like most analog tuners come equipped with a small, inbuilt microphone, but obviously it will pick up any additional noise that’s going on around you, so you need to find a quiet spot to tune up using the microphone.

How it helps you get in tune

Basically, you play a string, the i3Factory World guitar tuner recognises its pitch and then using light indicators (small red and green lights) and usually a reference needle, the tuner will tell you if that string is sharp or flat




iTunes connect mobile screenshot

iTunes connect mobile screenshot

Finalmente  disponibile su App Store la nuova app iTunes Connect Mobile di Apple che permette a tutti gli sviluppatori di rimanere costantemente aggiornati sulle vendite delle proprie app, sul numero dei download delle app gratuite e degli aggiornamenti distribuiti su App Store. Scaricabile Gratis su App Store.

La Apple ha appena rilasciato  iTunes Connect Mobile una applicazione che permette agli sviluppatori di rimanere costantemente aggiornati tramite iPhone, iPad e iPod touch sulle vendite della proprie app in App Store.
Tra le funzioni più utili del software ricordiamo la possibilità di visionare i dati di vendita e di download giornalieri o settimanali. Oltre ai dati di vendita con iTunes Connect Mobile è possibile seguire l’andamento dei download delle app gratuite, degli aggiornamenti e anche le vendite effettuate dagli utenti tramite in app purchase.

L'altrnativa gratuita a iTunesDouble Twist è un software utile per la gestione dei file audio e video. Permette anche di gestire i file con dispositivi Apple (Iphone, Ipod) senza la necessità di collegarli ad iTunes.

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