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i3Factory accompanies the Ministry of Labour through the i3Editorial Editorial System lands on the App Store.
An easy way to keep up to date on the world of work. Newsletter Cliclavoro is a monthly feature that collects the most important industry news, trends in the labor market, opportunities in Europe, interviews with personalities.

This is the italian translation of the article Dear business people, an iOS app actually takes a lot of work!, written by Kent Nguyen. Thanks Kent for giving us permission to publish this translated article.

A new Professional Guitar Tuner  at only 1,99 usd.
Natural Guitar Tuner.
The device listen the strings of your guitar helping your finger to tune the 6 guitar strings.
The App , like the analog devices, Listen the sound of single Guitar or Bass string:
E. A, D, G, B. You can chioce several tipe of Chords.
Tuner with selection of Natural Scientific A at 432hz and Regular at 440hz. Pitch for 0.5 hertz and several different tuning preset-


Algoritmo professionale.
Sintonizzazioni basate sul LA 432 Hz Naturale (scientifica) e LA Regolare (legale) a 440Hz.

I3Factory World LLc published two new tuner applications:

Guitar Tuner I3F World Professional : 1,59 € , iPhone e iPad

Guitar Tuner I3F World : 0,79 €, iPhone

The platform i3F editorial rests on four foundation pillars:
- Development and reading documents in PDF format
- The use of web services and network queue
- The infrastructure for the Apple In App Purchase
- Web services using the editor

Let’s see in detail.

Dear Publishers, finally we made a system that allows you to publish magazines, books, newspapers,catalogs or any publication at no cost to each new issue or for every new player.
1) Your Own Universal Application will be published on Apple® App Store
2) Unlimited publications from PDF files;
3) No infrastructures costs: Host the publications on your own Internet or Intranet servers. Have 100% control and autonomy on your content;
4) Offer your readers & audience the best mobile/tablet browsing experience with high definition texts and images, Videos and so much more.
5) Wide audience: you pubblications will be ready Wold Wide

i3Factory accompagna PROMEC su App Store;
Promec, l’azienda speciale della Camera di Commercio di Modena per l’internazionalizzazione, sta per sbarcare su App Store di Apple con un’applicazione universale che permetterà di ricercare l’eccellenza del Made in Italy, ma piu’ precisamente del “Made in Modena” attraverso dispositivi iPad e iPhone.

L’Applicazione “ITALY EMPOWERING AGENCY: L’eccellenza dei prodotti made in Modena”, sviluppata da i3Factory, è disponibile sull” app store all’indirizzo  http://itunes.apple.com/it/app/italy-empowering-agency-leccellenza/id423966358?mt=8



i3Factory has Pubblished on App Store Varese Focus Magazine

This public magazine is using The i3F Editorial System: here for information about publish your magazine

Nel suo Blog la Sony ha appena annunciato che sta preparando a lanciare una applicazione ufficiale PlayStation per iPhone e iPod touch..

L’applicazione sarà gratuita e sarà disponibile solo nel Regno Unito, Francia, Germania, Spagna, Italia e Olanda nella sua prima iterazione.

i3Factory ha rilasciato la nuova app: Italian Bed And Breakfast Best Quality Guide con supporto per iPhone 4 retina display


The ultimate Guide and most relevant Italian Bed & Breakfast ANBBA Quality choice.
This guide has been created by i3factory together with ANBBA Italy (The National Association of Bed & Breakfast).