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App Guide of 9 Sacred Temples Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ready to sale the App to visit the nine sacred temples of the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Using this app you will discover the secrets of Chiang-Mai!, you can bring well-being to yourself with nine sacred blessings. Not just a tour guide but also a guide to the inner well-being.
Did you know that Chiang Mai has 9 sacred temples that Thai tourists come to worship from all over Thailand?

Chiang Mai, sometimes written as “Chiengmai” or “Chiangmai”, is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand.
Locals believe these temples to be specially propitious to p…


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This app will help you to endorse Ostia, the se of Rome (Italy) without car. Ostia is the coast of the city of Rome and in this app you can find five ECOITINERARI BETWEEN THE TIBER AND THE SEA OF ROME (ITALY).

Between Rome and Ostia, between the Tiber and the Sea, the Italian Geographical Society has created personalized tour by foot, bike and horseback crossing the Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast and the Promenade of Ostia, and meet with the experiences of culture, gastronomy , sports and wellness offered by the area.

Participants in the project are also local operators (riding, be…


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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. 2015 June 8-12 at San Francisco, California  (USA).

Apple’s renowned developer community will come together at WWDC to learn about the future of iOS and OS X.

WWDC features more than 100 technical sessions, over 1,000 Apple engineers, hands-on labs, and the Apple Design Awards.

Developers can apply for tickets to attend WWDC and millions worldwide will be able to watch sessions streamed live.

WWDC Scholarships are available to students and members of participating STEM organizations around the world.

Follow this link: https://developer.appl…


Last Magazines on APP Store

Medienbotschaft (open In iTunes) has chose i3Editorial.com as publishing system to publish their own magazines on the App Store is on Itunes Apple Android Google Play.

The publisher is the Swiss public and lifestyle magazines.

Here is the App that Apple is on newsstands in Android Google Play

1. Whisky Time

View In Apple iTunes
View in Android Google Play

2. Disco Magazin

View In iTunes
View in Android Google Play

3. Drinks DE

View In iTunes
View in Android Google Play

4. Drinks AT

View In iTunes
View in Android Go…


Quiz Italia for Android, new app for Escogitiamo

Quiz Italia is the new quiz game about Italy and its beauty and traditions, created by Escogitiamo, 100% Italian startup.
Download from the Android Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.i3factory.quizitalia
Thanks to Quiz Italia you will test your knowledge about Italy in various fields: culture, traditions, food, lifestyle, landscapes and characters representing Italy. The game, in fact, is addressed to the people who loves Italy: Italian living abroad, people having Italian origins, or simply italian lovers.
During the game, you will live a virtual tour answ…


Apple introduces 14-day return on iTunes and increases the cost of Dev Program

European users of Apple’s iTunes stores can now “return” goods without giving a reason for up to 14 days after purchase, bringing the company in line with European regulations for the first time.

Apple’s new policy for refunds on the App Store and iTunes, return it within 14 days and without giving any reason.

European buyers at the Apple App Store or iTunes Store, have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days. This law is now valid for all apps, music, movies and more.

The feature, launched without fanfare, appears to be Apple’s attempt to comply with EU guidelines from Ju…


Ammappalitalia. trekking in Italy with iPhone & iPad App

This App allows you to travel or to plot the best walking routes in Italy. Everything starts with the idea of trekking and walks and the bet that all of Italy is covered on foot, without a car, without even taking a train or a bus. The idea is that each of us can share the trails on foot who knows. A mapping of our territory, such that we exclaim: “Ammappa Italy!”.

So with this app can display the routes and track that have been created by the community of trekkers. (available from this link:https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ammappalitalia/id912204597?mt=8)


Foodies10Best a new App for Foodies


i3Factory publish  FOODIES 10 BEST, a valiable for iPhone e iPad.

Download the free first version and you’ll know where to find, in Rome, the 10 best restaurants, the 10 best ice cream shops, the top 10 pizzerias and so on, but also that you may find during your tours around Rome and Lazio. Take advantage of the free beta-version, still completely free. Search Foodies10best the Apple Store and follow us!

The Staff of Foodies10best

Coming soon new Cities!






iPhone 6 and plus Resolution, Screen, Display Size

In conjunction with iOS 8 Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6 including the Plus version which show, respectively, with a screen of 4.7 “and 5.5” inches. The new iPhone fundamentally change the screen resolution and retina display than previous models. With full compatibility with standard sRGB we have a better contrast, brightness and white balance improved.
Retina display HD resolution:

iPhone 6 1334×750 pixels with 326 ppi
iPhone 6 Plus 1920×1080 pixels with 401 ppi


 Initially, the coordinates of all the images were specified in points, these are abstract units and only make…


Video IOS 8 WWDC 2014 Apple Keynote Event June 2, 2014

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in Cupertino, California.

Apple has announced that iOS then 8 will be available from Wednesday, September 17. As usual it will be a free software upgrade for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
iOS 8, as we have said, does not differ a little from the iOS 7: design “flat”, new icons, new applications such as Health.
Since upgrading the iPhone 4 is not included.

Registered developers can already enjoy Golden Master edition, available since yesterday, September 9.
Watch the video on youtube:




Published the app for Trekking and Tourism: Trekking Ammappa Italy

i3Factory, in collaboration with Ammappalitalia (http://www.ammappalitalia.it/) launches the app with the idea of ​​trekking and walking and from the bet that all Italy is walking, without a car, without even taking a train or a bus. The idea is that each of us can share the trails on foot who knows. A mapping of our territory, so as to make us cry: “Ammappiamo.”

Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=912204597&mt=8

Ammappa Trekking Italy is a joint project of Ammappalitalia, which means that each of us can participate in its slow constructi…


Marketing: 7 Strategies to encourage users to download App

Many customers, having launched its own smartphone application, ask us how to do to encourage people to download your App.
The process of developing an app can be tricky but once it is completed it should be ready for another phase of work and use energy and resources to focus on acquiring new users.
However, make sure that users will find your app is not simple, as in the early years of the birth of the App store for a large number of downloads was enough to propose an application with a name or special features, now with hundreds of thousands of applications on the market can be really co…


iOS 8 Features Timeline

As we all know by now Apple has unveiled iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 2 2014 a beta version of the software was made available to developers on the same day, with a launch planned for the public this fall of 2014.
At this time, several beta versions have been released to developers, and beta 5 is the current version of the operating system in the hands of the developer community.
Until today the developers have only seen beta versions of iOS 5 8, but many Apple’s carrier partners
received iOS 8 beta 6 on the 19th of August, hinting at an imminent release of the so-c…


iOS library framework for Zip files

One of the i3Factory developer is working on a project of sending paths attaching photos, text, and audio / video which needs to import a framework library for zipping files.
He found that this library seems to be constantly updated (usually found only those “no arc” for iOS4 ..) https://github.com/kolpanic/ZipKit .

In ZipKit is present a brief guide to the installation, but Claudio, our Italian developer, finds it extremely superficial and not riescito to import anything (that is ZipKit.framework libtouchzipkit.a remain the “reds”). Inside Zip Kits are also linked apps that should be an e…


IEC etech Magazine, i3Editorial choice by the International Commission of Electronics

The International Commission of Electronics, based in Geneva (Switzerland) choose to use the  publishing system i3Editorial to publish its monthly magazine. Our free upload system of new magazines output is hosted on the Commission servers .

E-Tech is the magazine IEC, available on the web, in print and on mobile devices using iOS or Android app. It ‘a monthly publication (10 issues / year) and includes relations with the global community IEC, other articles on specific technologies and news and events relating to the Commission.

The app is released for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and all A…


status: 20px
toolbar: 44px
tabbar: 49px

L’utilizzo dei gradienti e’ molto diffuso nei componenti standard di UIKit (il framework Cocoa Touch di riferimento dell’interfaccia utente in iOS) oltre che in un gran numero di applicazioni. Sarebbe bello che le API di UIKit fornissero un modo comodo per impostare i gradienti, ma attualmente non e’ cosi’, sebbene le librerie grafiche di base “Quartz” contengano supporto nativo a tale funzionalita’. In aggiunta mentre MacOSX dispone della classe NSGradient che consente di configurare dei gradienti, anche tramite curve di Bezier, questa classe non e’ disponibile all’interno di UIKit. Piuttosto su CocoaTouch, per tramite delle librerie grafiche contenute nel framework Quartz, abbiamo accesso al layer CAGradientLayer che consente di costuire dei gradienti di tipo assiale, ossia lineari lungo un asse passante per due punti (a differenza di NSGradient che consente la creazione anche di gradienti radiali o su curve di Bezier).
La soluzione in UIKit e’ piuttosto semplice e richiede la creazione di una sottoclasse di UIView e l’utilizzo del layer CAGradientLayer. Vediamo perche’.
Innanzitutto che cos’e’ un layer: il layer e’ l’elemento grafico di base usato dal sistema per il rendering grafico della view sullo schermo oltre che essere l’elemento di base per tutte le animazioni che si vedono nei dispositivi basati su iOS. Nel momento in cui una view viene creata ad essa e’ associato un layer di riferimento che verra’ utilizzato dalla view, senza possibilita’ di essere modificato. Per poter conoscere che tipo di layer si intende utilizzare, il sistema durante la creazione della view chiama il metodo di classe layerClass il cui unico compito e’ quello di indicare il nome della classe (derivata da CALayer) che dovra’ essere utilizzata per quella view. Ora dato che layerClass e’ un metodo di classe, ossia un metodo che opera su oggetti classe e non su oggetti istanza, noi non possiamo associare il layer alla nostra istanza di view semplicemente cambiando una property, ma saremo costretti a costruire una sottoclasse per la nostra vista, che chiameremo per esempio GradientView che conterra’ la seguente porzione di codice:

+(Class)layerClass {
return([CAGradientLayer class]);

Da questo momento in poi tutte le view di tipo GradientView verranno costruite a partire da un layer gradiente. Quel che resta da fare e’ impostare i colori e gli “stop” che costituiranno il gradiente. Supponendo allora di instanziare la view tramite Interface Builder, costruiremo il codice di inizializzazione della view nel metodo initWithCoder: nella seguente maniera, in cui abbiamo costruito un semplice gradiente tra i colori rosso e giallo:

- (id)initWithCoder:(NSCoder *)decoder {

self = [super initWithCoder:decoder];
if (self) {
// Initialization code.
[(CAGradientLayer *)self.layer setColors:[NSArray arrayWithObjects:(id)[UIColor redColor].CGColor,(id)[UIColor yellowColor].CGColor,nil]];
return self;

Si noti come si sia dovuto effettuare il casting di self.layer per evitare un warning in compilazione.
E’ ovvio che possiamo facilmente estendere il nostro codice permettendo l’impostazione programmatica dei colori, cosi’ da poterli definire in fase di instanziazione, lasciando eventualmente dei default nei metodi di inizializzazione.

Gradiente assiale

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