Kindle Fire di Amazon with Android OS

Amazon has launched its new touch tablet Kindle in full color.The E-book reader from Amazon mount distributed as Android operating system.

The new iPad tablet is prepared to challenge and will be called “Kindle Fire”, whose pronunciation remembers “Candle Fire,” by candlelight.
Equipped with Android and a competitive price of only U.S. $ 199, Kindle Fire looks like a new competitor in the race in pursuit of the unimaginable happened Apple iPad.


Molti editori publicheranno sullo store di Amazon

The Kindle Fire comes with the operating system from Google, Android, in a version designed specifically for Amazon. This is a version different from those already on the market, the Android operating system is modified and presented graphically different from the currently installed versions from many manufacturers of mobile and tablet.
The screen of the Kindle is a Fire 7 “backlit, has Wi-fi, but not 3G. And given the price of 199USD would be really strange to have cellular connectivity even …
Unlike the Kindle iPad 2 Fire has not even a camera and microphone.We think it is an interesting object and, although with some limitations, can be a strong competitor to Apple, but only for that group of people who use the tablet only to read books or magazines, and even surf the Internet. Certainly the absence of a camera and a microphone restricting its use, not being able to use Skype or other IP telephony systems, making the apparatus limited to only “read”.

We are waiting to test it and see with our own eyes the quality of the screen to compare it with the wonderful display of our beloved Apple devices …

What we can tell you and ‘we are already developing a version of our publishing system (i3F Editorial), which allows publishers to have an experience optimized for this new Kindle.