Logo i3Factory

Logo i3Factory

Our philosophy is based on the concept of industrial production.
We believe in traditional settings of production and business and we are inspired by the classics and ancient production processes discounted with the use of  technology and the web.

We do not believe in strictly academic models and finance, we believe the production model of excellence  was invented centuries ago and going then revised and updated.

We love new technologies and uses them to make our processes more and more efficient, constantly trying to develop techniques that allow us to reduce costs while increasing quality.

Finance forcing large companies to progressively reduce costs, not looking to fund quality products and talents within the company. Often at the helm of major companies calling managers who know nothing of the product, seriously believe that “a manager who is self-respect is able to drive any company while having no expertise on the model and the product. We witness this aberrant cultural model that is wreaking economic, social disasters and striving to use the acquired skills and high shape our future.

We are innovative and technologically all’avangurdia and we believe that the contractor should get to know his product.

Igor Wolfango Schiaroli


Increasingly, our customers and readers submit proposals for developing an app without using standard documents and without using those terminologies that may help to understand properly how many and which features should have given the app.

If you want to convey an idea that allows you to create an app for iPhone, iPad or Android is necessary to prepare a  Mockapp and / or Functional Document which will contain all the detailed features of the app for your iPhone or iPad or Android together with a layout that makes understanding the User Interface and User Experience.