i3Factory is a new type of production reality, it is a factory that bases its production line on a crowdsourcing model, functional and line is characterized by excellence and skills development and go directly to the market line is characterized agents on the ground and turns to the consumer, B2B and B2B2C.

The economic model we are experiencing is inspired by the organization of naval fleets combined with some of the theoretical principles of Taylorism. We address the crisis have now convinced a great opportunity to be among the actors in a sea change the whole economic system.
We love challenges and to quote Einstein: “Is in the crisis that arises invention, discoveries and major strategies ……. do not pretend that things will change if we keep them the same way. The crisis is the best thing that can happen to people or whole countries and because own crisis to bring progress. ”

With the birth of i3Factory, we created a network of specialists, competent managers and engineers with a highly flexible and distributed that allows us to have an exceptional time to market and product excellence combined with a reduction in cost even remotely thinkable to traditional structures.

We are creators of ideas, we put them into practice, lead the market in a short time.

i3factory believes that the inputs must necessarily be based on open source model, we are champions in sharing information and experiences. We use processes that consider the information shared at the heart of expertise.

Our strategy can ‘include you, if you’re an individual or a society and if you have an idea you’d like to see done, I ‘out quickly and place the more’ market will soon get in touch with i3Factory!

We do not like wasting time, our satisfaction comes only when the product will be ‘available worldwide.

If you like the way we approach projects, ideas and speed with which to develop applications for iPhone, iPod and ipad we can surely find something in common.