The teehan+lax guys

We report a very important resource that will allow all designers and developers to build layot ​​using the graphical components that will be used for your project iPhone and / or iPad.

The developers, often , come from “mount” graphic files  in the app that is planning, it is not uncommon that the developer receives files whose size in pixels, as well as the resolution, the result is not in line with the standards set by Apple.

Searching on the web I came across several files or information, and reading the  Teenah + Lax blog finally I’ve found what I need:

the guys (you can see them nicely pictured) have outdone themselves by making available to the public files in Photoshop format, freely downloadable from the blogcontaining the GUI components for the iPhone and iPad.

The files are updated periodically retch, below are the links to this resource:

iPad GUI PSD dimensions 768 × 1024: Follow  this link
iPhone GUI psd format for standard iPhone (480×320) and Retina Display (960×640): Follow this link

Thanks to Teenah+lax guys