Ready to sale the App to visit the nine sacred temples of the city of Chiang Mai in Thailand.


Using this app you will discover the secrets of Chiang-Mai!, you can bring well-being to yourself with nine sacred blessings. Not just a tour guide but also a guide to the inner well-being.
Did you know that Chiang Mai has 9 sacred temples that Thai tourists come to worship from all over Thailand?

Chiang Mai, sometimes written as “Chiengmai” or “Chiangmai”, is the largest and most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand.
Locals believe these temples to be specially propitious to people who wish a successful life. Each one of these sacred sites has a specific virtue and tradition says that the ritual is complete only by paying respect to each one of them. That’s what allows the spirits to work their magics.

This App consists in a complete tour informations of the 9 temples on Song Thow, with an audio and video explanation of their history and their architectural features.

By the end of the day you will perceive Chiang Mai and its temples in a complete new light.

Buddhists in Thailand strongly believe that worshipping at temples is a way of making merit, and so during special annual festivals and religious holidays, lots of people pay homage to significant temples. One of Chiang-Mai popular practices is to visit nine , all 9, temples all in one day.

Why the number 9, nine? In Thai, the number nine is pronounced as “gao”, which is similar to the sound of the word which means to step ahead and to progress in a positive way.
Most people believe the respects that they pay at nine sacred places will bring prosperity and luck to their lives.

There are nine temples in Chiang Mai which are as magic for local residents and tourists due to their importance, and are in the main located in the old city area, are close to each other, and have names with good meanings.

Luckily for its residents going to 9 temples within one day in Chiang Mai is definitely a possibility. If you are a tourist and not Buddhist, you will still be warmly welcomed at these temples, where you can appreciate some ancient Lanna cultural heritage, arts, and the Buddhist way of life. The following are the nine sacred temples in Chiang Mai city which most tourists like to visit.

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