Itineraries-at-Ostia_Rome_ItuneArtwork_ENGThis app will help you to endorse Ostia, the se of Rome (Italy) without car. Ostia is the coast of the city of Rome and in this app you can find five ECOITINERARI BETWEEN THE TIBER AND THE SEA OF ROME (ITALY).app-store-badge

Between Rome and Ostia, between the Tiber and the Sea, the Italian Geographical Society has created personalized tour by foot, bike and horseback crossing the Natural Reserve of the Roman Coast and the Promenade of Ostia, and meet with the experiences of culture, gastronomy , sports and wellness offered by the area.

Participants in the project are also local operators (riding, beaches, cottages, restaurants, museums, archaeological areas, cooperatives and associations) on which rests the management and operation of the routes that integrate activities and services. Signs carried by Protec impianti and audio guides are tools that guide visitors on their way traveling.

The routes of this App:

1) Path Free Waterfront

2) Path Pineta Borghetto dei Pescatori

3) Dyke Path

4) Path Farm

5) Pathway to the sea