European users of Apple’s iTunes stores can now “return” goods without giving a reason for up to 14 days after purchase, bringing the company in line with European regulations for the first time.

Apple‘s new policy for refunds on the App Store and iTunes, return it within 14 days and without giving any reason.

European buyers at the Apple App Store or iTunes Store, have the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days. This law is now valid for all apps, music, movies and more.

The feature, launched without fanfare, appears to be Apple’s attempt to comply with EU guidelines from June mandating online sellers to offer a “right of withdrawal” from distance sales.
The new reimbursement procedures have been introduced during the last days of December 2014, and are documented on Apple sites and precisely following this link to the file Right to Return” in PDF format (, which exist for every European nation.

The novelty is that you can ask the right of withdrawal within 14 days of purchase, even without the need to bring no reason to access the refund.

From what we read in the papers Apple will accept all requests for the items in the Apple store, with some exceptions such as iTunes Gifts already redeemed, subscriptions and those of iTunes Match, which are not present in Italy, and the good iTunes .

Apple can, in some cases, refuse to make the repayment, for it is necessary that the existence of the request. This is obviously due to avoid the usual abuse especially of the usual crafty” that populate the network and who think that once acquitato a piece of music, it can make a copy and then apply for reimbursement.

This new policy allows then to improve security in shopping, especially for the wrong ones.

Apple, however, has increased, in some European countries, the cost for participation in the Apple Developer program, for example moving to Germany at Euro 99 against the previous 80 Euro.

We can not know when the prices will be updated in the other countries, and not even know if the new refund policy introduced in the European community are linked to this strange as sudden increase of prices for developers.

Recall that accepts Google Play for free and allows developers always refund