TestFlight, iOS beta testing on the fly

We are testing a service (free for now) that looks interesting for testing and distribution to customers of our app.
The procedure is the following:
– You register at the website: http://testflightapp.com/
– Open Safari from any device and from that login and proceed with the authorization of the device itself.

TestFlight install a certificate and a profile on the Apple device, which authorizes him to install the build that the developers to create i3Factory from time to time.
The service members will be notified automatically of any distribution and made for some beta-testers will test our trusted app, apart from the customers themselves.
Here is a time-lapse video of Jeff Broderick, the lead designer Daniel R. Hate in Silicon Valley, where it creates an icon for the application testflight

The sketch was provided by people TestFlight, and Jeff turned him into an icon.

Test Flight App Icon Time Lapse from Jeff Broderick on Vimeo.